Innovations in technology and merchandise formats determine the future of retail transformation, and smart retail model will lead to a data revolution. In the future, the three key retail elements – people, goods and marketplace will be totally digitized. The whole retail chain can be digitally spliced and synergized to form a digitally driven lean supply chain. Internet scenarios and channels will become ubiquitous. In the meantime, retail format innovation and technological change driven by smart retail will continue to evolve around scenarios and changes in consumer demand for quality of life. Although the wave of the new round of consumer escalation has brought great challenges to the traditional retail and e-commerce enterprises, the gradual integration and win-win situation between the traditional retail and e-commerce enterprises are the general trend. The online and offline smart retail business has become the main direction of the retail industry's transformation in the Internet era. China has entered a new era of smart retail, and embracing and integrating with each other is the real direction of development.

Smart Retail Digital Transformation Summit 2018 will take place on 24-25 May in Shanghai China, the summit will invite 250 senior level representatives from global and China retailers, e-commerce companies, brands and leading industrial suppliers who are aiming to smart retail and digital transformation. Together we will explore the way of digital transformation in smart retail for a new era.


● Road of Digital Transformation – Trends and Insights
● Data Empowers New Retail
● A Smart Future of Social Commerce
● Using New Tech to Accelerate Store Hi-Tech Transformation
● Creating A Green Shopping Environment
● AI and Smart Retail
● Digital Retail Talent Training and Hiring
● Digital Experience of Unmanned Store
● Membership Management and Digital Marketing in Big Data Era
● Restructuring Retail Industry in Times of Internet
● Payment Technology Innovation
● Blockchain technology application in future retail
● Case Sharing of Retail Tech Innovation


Connecting with the industry is right at the heart of the Smart Retail experience. The event is tailored to maximize your networking opportunities whether that is daily sector specific workshops, an exhibition showcasing the industry’s latest innovations or our dedicated 1-2-1 networking function.

The event’s industry leading conference programme, delivered across three content areas, provides a platform for everything from 1-2-1 interviews with the industry’s most senior figures, insightful masterclass seminars and the latest community and social responsibility projects ongoing in a smarter retail world.

The past years have taught us that our unique social events are often the most valuable moments for connecting with fellow industry stakeholders. In addition to hosting social evenings at Shanghai’s iconic venues, our networking brunches, happy hours and late-night lounge offer more relaxed and informal settings to do business.